Chill FAQ

When are the Mindfulness Reminders sent?

Mindfulness Reminders are sent between 9am and 7pm, roughly equally spaced based on the number of Reminders you choose.

Help—I’m not receiving my quotes!

In most cases this simply means your device has not automatically updated Chill’s software. To update Chill manually, just head to your device’s App Store app, and in the bottom right corner you'll see an "Updates" button. Click that, and you'll likely see Chill among the apps waiting to update.

Help—I'm not getting my Mindfulness Reminders!

If your Mindfulness Reminders are turned on in Chill's main menu, but you're not receiving them, the most likely culprit is that your device's notifications aren't turned on for Chill. This is an easy fix! Just head to your device's Settings app, click on Notifications, scroll down to Chill, and turn them on.

When a Mindfulness Reminder comes up on my Lock Screen, how do I keep from losing it?

Just swipe the Reminder toward the right, and your device will open the Reminder within Chill, and provide a sentence or two expanding on it. Make sure your finger is directly on the Reminder, not elsewhere on the screen. You can then Favorite that Reminder by clicking the star, if you’d like to look back at it in the future.

I love this app! How can I help?

Taking a moment to leave a review at the App Store goes a long way toward letting others know about it. Also, word-of-mouth really drives an app like this—please let you friends know.Thank you!

Where do the daily quotes come from?

The Daily Mindfulness Quotes are gathered by Soren Kisiel, a practicing Zen Buddhist and author who is ordained in Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition. Careful attention is paid to be sure all quotes are either in the public domain or used with permission, and—unlike elsewhere on the internet—that they were actually said by the person they are attributed to. If you believe a quote of yours is being used without permission please let us know.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice of gently holding your attention on the present moment as a way to quiet your thoughts, judgments, and anxieties, and experience the wonders around you. Techniques include holding your attention on your food as you eat, or on the contact your feet make with the ground as you walk, or simply on your breath. As your attention wanders, just gently bring it back—attention, you’ll find, is like a muscle that grows stronger with use. Chill’s Mindfulness Reminders are designed to help make the practice of mindfulness a habit to nourish you throughout the day.